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    COCOBOBO's private brand, which every family needs, is a one-stop private health management brand for mass consumption, a new retail channel for major health projects under Uniasia Group. it aims to pass on scientific private maintenance concepts and methods to thousands of families through high-tech ingredients and technologies and high-quality and efficient private maintenance products as a carrier, so as to order a harmonious and happy life for tens of millions of families in China.

    COCO originates from the homophonic word "gabrielle bonheur chanel" and represents fashionable and cutting-edge women, implying that brand products are at the cutting-edge of fashion, concept and technology.

    BOBO originates from the homophonic word "baby" and represents gentle and tender care, implying that brand products are highly safe and gentle and can be used by the whole family.

    COCO means the touching beauty of cocoa, BOBO means the vigorous love of God, COCOBOBO is the combination of beauty and love, implying that brands bring healthy, harmonious and happy family life to consumers.

    COCOBOBO's product line focuses on cleaning, regulating, curing and nourishing, while cleaning focuses on lotion and spray, mainly on bacteriostasis and odor elimination, and daily cleaning of private parts. Treatment and recuperation are mainly gel, regulating acid-base balance of private parts, moistening degree, healthy private parts flora, and efficient maintenance.