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Aiming-new retail style and create a new future


         Introduction: the people of Qianxi(millennial) generation are becoming the main force of consumption. High-end technology is gradually infiltrating life. The Internet has become an indispensable existence for everyone. In the face of such an era, almost all companies are thinking about how to transform and upgrade to win the favor of consumers. What are the major initiatives that Uniasia will take?


         On July 5-6, 2018, the third quarter marketing meeting of Uniasia Group was held in Guangzhou. Many outstanding distributor partners, Chairman Mr Hu Xingguo, President Ms Wu Zhiqing, Vice President of Marketing Department Mr. Cheng Yingqi and managers of various marketing centers attended the meeting.





Mr. Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of Uniasia Group


         The theme of this meeting is “the new era of Uniasia, and the new era of innovation”, aiming to explore how Chinese cosmetics companies will “break the ice” in the context of the era of large consumption upgrades. To this end, in this marketing conference, in addition to the quarter marketing meetings of various brands, such as Meifubao, Franic and Seeyoung, Uniasia Group also held a large-scale publicity conference called MIAO Pub for the second half of 2018.




         The introduction of MIAO system is not only a response to the consumption upgrade of the times, but also a deep insight into the needs of consumers. Since the first store was launched in December 2017, MIAO Pub has attracted many dealers with its new retailing concept of “beauty selection and light experience”.


          As a strategic project under Uniasia New Times, Mr. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of the Uniasia Group, expressed his hope that more dealers can participate in. On the one hand, the launch of MIAO Pub model is of great significance in promoting the new retail transformation and upgrading of the industry; on the other hand, MIAO Pub, as a strategic platform to help Uniasia to promote “mass entrepreneurship” has great potential.



Mr. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group 


          Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, said that multi-brand operation, new category incubation, new retail upgrade and internationalization will be the strategic development focus of Uniasia, and the new retail upgrade is to explore the innovative development model of cosmetics industry. At present, the MIAO Pub system has achieved phased outcome. In a market environment where competition is so fierce, how will MIAO Pub system continue to lead dealers to achieve a win-win situation and bring consumers a high-quality experience in the second half of 2018?



Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group 


1.   Differentiated positioning: beauty selection + light experience

            From this strategic positioning point of view, the MIAO Pub system is clearly different from the traditional store system. Based on products of Uniasia Group, high-quality fashion beauty cosmetics are selected and entered. In the future, the MIAO Pub system will also cover skin care, color cosmetics, personal care, digital home appliances, maternal and child care, home textile, health care and other products, and will strive to meet the diverse consumer needs of consumers.


2.      Intelligent operation: scene marketing + immersive experience

           As a new beauty cosmetics and body protection chain brand that was born in the Internet era, the MIAO Pub system has invested heavily in “smart” operation, and cooperated with IBM - the world's leading intelligent and cloud platform, which promotes the system realize “wisdom” service. The development of smart operating tools such as smart mirrors, smart nail beautifier, omni-channel operations, intelligent monitoring systems, member precision marketing, and cloud smart ordering are currently in full swing, and many products are already in the testing stage. Realization of “online order and offline delivery”, “online booking and offline service” will also make the service more convenient.


3.      Refined management: management standardization + service perfecting

            In terms of store management, the MIAO Pub system has refined and systematically managed stores from the new store operation and promotion, shelf display, cash register system, ordering system, inventory management, profit management, and other aspects, and fully realized the unified and efficient management; In addition to providing customers with a high quality beauty experience service, the MIAO Pub system has achieved the ultimate in member management. Liu Xiaohong, deputy general manager of Uniasia Group's business center, further proposed that in the next five years, the positioning of the strategic control point of the MIAO Pub system will focus on improving and fully capturing the commanding heights of “customer intimacy” to form the absolute competitive advantage of the MIAO Pub system.


4.      Strategic planning: establishing a MIAO Pub university

          In order to effectively cultivate excellent operational management talents, Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, pointed out at the meeting the necessity and importance of establishing the University. It tentatively schedules six major curriculums, and monthly regular lectures and practical written examinations are adopted to create the retail smart talents and the retail operation talents for the direct operating and joining management team.


           Regarding the future of the MIAO Pub model, Ms. Liu Xiaohong, deputy general manager of Uniasia Group, said that with its differentiated value output, precise customer positioning and systematic online and offline operations, we are confident to embrace the blue ocean market of China’s cosmetics industry.



Ms. Liu Xiaohong, Deputy General Manager of Miao Pub Business Center



           The meeting also invited IBM's business consulting project manager Liu Jie to discuss the operation mode of the MIAO Pub from the aspects of consumers, products, services, channels and marketing; Mr. Zhang Defeng, general manager of the business center, and Ms. Lei Hong, Chain Operation Manager of MIAO Pub beauty cosmetics, Henan, also shared her current successful experience in operation of the Pub.



Ms. Liu Jie, IBM Business Consulting Project Manager 



Mr. Zhang Defeng, General Manager of the Miao Pub Business Center 



Ms. Lei Hong, Operation Manager of Miao Pub Beauty Cosmetics Chain, Henan 


          In addition, the conference also featured the team show of the Uniasia Marketing Center, the collective appearance of the Uniasia Emerging Cosmetics Center, and the swearing of the team:







          This collision of thoughts not only indicates that Uniasia has an insight into the development and opportunities of the industry, but also means that the Uniasia has taken another big step in transformation and upgrading. In fact, as early as last year, Uniasia had already proposed the development goal of “integrating global resources, promoting mass entrepreneurship, and creating a new ecological environment.” The key strategic measures announced at the strategy meeting of the Miao Pub, undoubtedly revealed the determination of Uniasia of Embracing the new retail by intensive cultivation, pushing the brand to the higher end of the industry value chain.