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R&D Strength

      Since its establishment, the Company has been addressing itself to providing the first-class high-tech cosmetic for the people. The Company has successively conducted economic and technical cooperation with BASF of Germany, South China University of Technology, Kunming Medical University, and has obtained several technical results. To fully realize independent R & D, improve the R & D strength of the Company and enrich the R & D results, Uniasia Group made additional investment of USD130.00 million to build Uniasia Research Institute that has larger scale, higher R & D level and more complete divisions. In 2011, Uniasia phase-II Cosmetic Research Institute (building area: 26,712m²) was delivered and put into operation. It is called as “one of the largest cosmetic research and development centers in Asia”. In the Research Institute, there are such precision apparatuses and equipments, such as GS-MS, HPLC, VISIA skin image analyzer, sunscreen coefficient analysis system, skin melanin/haem tester, MTT175 hair tester and so on. With establishment of Uniasia Research Institute, it will greatly meet the customers’ demands for natural and green beautification and skin care cosmetic products.


       Presently, Uniasia Group has obtained 87 patents. It has established the first cosmetic academician workstation in China-Guangdong Uniasia Daily-use Chemical, Beautification and Cosmetic Academician Workstation, has successfully obtained approval for such projects as high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Chinese Traditional Medicine Daily-use Chemicals (Uniasia) Engineering Technical Research Center, Guangzhou Municipal-level enterprise technical center, Guangzhou innovation type enterprise and so on. Such scientific results completed by the Company as research and application of the all-band, low irritation and ultraviolet resistant key technology in cosmetic, R & D of anti-aging cosmetic based on biological polypeptide key technology, preparation of the Chinese medicine moisture-keeping and anti-aging ingredient and applied research in cosmetic, applied research on liquid crystal emulsification technology in cosmetic, vegetable bitty cream simulating the gel technology and so on have reached the leading level in China, and have won one second and two third prizes of scientific advancement.


        At the beginning of 2016, the in vitro cell biology lab was built up and put into operation. For the project, the Company cooperated with Zhongshan University Aging-resistant Research Center, the guiding consultants include such experts and scholars as Prof. Zhao Yong who has been incorporated into the “one thousand young talent program”. Within the new lab invested by RMB3 million, different precise instruments are provided, the newly operated in vitro cell biology lab can accurately and effectively substitute the animal experiment.

        The in vitro cell biology experiment is mainly based on cell biology, the effects of foreign essence on the in vitro human cell and tissue are simulated from the cell level and molecular level, and comprehensive, objective and scientific appraisal can be made for the cosmetic ingredients and product safety and efficacy, and it can conduct pre-screening for the cosmetic raw materials and guide R & D of the formulas of relevant products. For example, the cosmetic whitening efficacy can be evaluated with in vitro melanin cell experiment, the cosmetic aging-resistant efficacy can be evaluated with single cell DNA damage test comet experiment, cosmetic pungency is evaluated with neutral red uptake test and red cell hemolysis test and so on.